How To Get A Cash Advance With Less Than Perfect Credit

Blue Copper Capital was built around the concept of serving apprentice and trades people. We understand the problems of balancing bills while studying for an apprenticeship. We are here to help you with a cash infusion for tools, a vehicle, or enough money to pay bills and finish your courses.

Trade Apprentice Loans CalgaryWe understand the difficulty of getting enough hours while going to school. Rather than asking your employer for a loan to cover the shortfall, Blue Copper Capital fills the gap and offers loans to hard working apprentices and trades people. We review every application on a case by case basis.

Loan Qualifications

Our cash advance loans aren’t based on credit. We look at your employment history, and how consistent your income is. You write us a post dated cheque for how much you want to borrow (plus fees) and we hold your cheque until you get paid. Because we don’t do a credit check, you are usually qualified for a cash advance from us based on your work history. Poor credit does not affect you ability to borrow from us. Buying tools can be an expensive proposition when starting out so we designed this program to help kick-start your career. Another way we can help is with an auto loan.

Confidential Cash Advance

There is no need for a dire situation to see us about a loan. Whatever your reasons to borrow money, we review your circumstances and offer a solution. There are many circumstances where we have helped clients achieve their goal faster with our loan services. Feel free to call, everything is kept confidential.

Call today; we keep long hours.

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