Private Payday Loans

Pay day loans are a great solution when you find yourself a little short of cash at month end. You may have a few questions, like how much interest is charged on these loans and what time frames are available for repayment? Call today for answers and we’ll talk about how to manage it. These types of short term loans have become very popular lately and help provide funds on demand for individuals and families.

If your wallet is a little thin and rent is due before your check clears, call us at the number below to help solve that issue. Maybe a car repair has caught you off guard, or a family emergency has come up. Whatever the case may be, payday loan qualifications are easier than you might think and a credit check is not required. If you have a steady job, a bank account and photo identification we can help. Some conditions do apply, so call for more information.

We are here to help you today and down the road if needed. Helping you help yourself is an essential part of what we do. It is not just about money, we are motivated to help you break free of a financial rut when you are ready to take that step. Check out this excellent guide about debt. Government financial guide.

Short Term Cash

We are in the business of lending money, and have helped many good people get back on their feet. Payday loans may be where we meet, but there is so much more to personal finances and we thrive on building relationships. Maybe your budgeting skills are slightly lacking at the moment, but that can change. Handling money is a learned skill and we are here to lend a hand when you’re ready.

Emergency Money

Bring in proof of employment with a repayment plan in mind and we’ll talk. Everyone needs a hand up once in a while so if you feel that way call or visit and we’ll go over a needs analysis with you. Call today for an appointment.

About Blue Copper Capital Corporation

Founded in Alberta during the summer of 2006, Blue Copper Capital Corporation started as a small loans company dealing with friends and associates. Today it is a diverse financial company specializing in loans for individuals that range from $100 – $30,000.00. Our success is based on personal attention, coupled with open minded lending at reasonable rates.

Saskatchewan Office:

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(306) 596-5626


Please Note:
Payday loan amounts are subject to minimum net pay and other qualifications. Maximum charges permitted in Saskatchewan for a payday loan are $23 per $100 lent (23% of principal); We charge $20 (20%). For a $300 loan for 14 days: Total cost of borrowing $60.00. Annual percentage rate 391.07. This information meets the requirements.

Payday loans
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